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Entrées :

Moroccan salad
Traditional soup harrira
Zaalouk with aubergines & tomatoes confit
Millefeuilles aubergines & peppers
Tomato tartare & tapenade duo +2€
Sea Fruit Salad +4€
Pastilla with foie gras +6€

Special request :

Plats :

Lamb couscous
Chicken couscous
Couscous with fish
Vegetarian Couscous
Tagine de Lotte
Tagine of seafood
Sardine Tajine Chermoula
Lamb Tagine, Almonds and Prunes or Onions and Dried Raisins
Chicken Tagine, Potatoes, Olives and Candied Lemon or Dried Onions & Raisins
Vegetarian Tagine
Pastilla with pigeon
Pastilla for Seafood
Vegetarian Pastilla
Eastern Bourride
Roasted lamb with spices
Seffa Medfouna (vermicelles vapeur, poulet, amandes, épices)
Parmentier of vegetables
Monkfish skewers and vegetable tagliatelle
Ravioli with spider crab
Lacquered duck - Sweet potato puree with ginger +3€
Asian beef fillet in tataki style +5€
Sea-sea of prawns & pan-fried foie gras +7€

Special request :

Desserts :

Oranges with cinnamon and chocolate ganache
Declination of market fruit and fruity chantilly
Carrot & orange salad with caramel spun
Moroccan pastries with grout of the day
Crispy pastilla with almond milk
Citrus soup
Tout chocolat +2€

Special request :


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You must choose in the categories above, what you want for your dinner