The team of MALAÏKA Riad & Table d’Hôtes invites you to discover the true traditional Moroccan cuisine, that which is transmitted from mother to daughter, but also an international and inventive Terre-Mer uisine, under the leadership of its chef Mina who is constantly renewing itself.
Elegant and refined, La Table is set up in our lounges each evening for a limited number of guests who have the opportunity to discover original flavors accompanied by selected Moroccan wines, where fine dishes, silverware, flowers and candlesticks come together for their more great olfactory pleasure, taste and visual.


Cocktails without alcohol
Soft drink
Hot drinks
Cocktails with alcohol
Moroccan wines
Champagne of France


Starters :

Moroccan salad
Traditional soup harrira
Zaalouk with aubergines & tomatoes confit
Millefeuilles aubergines & peppers
Tomato tartare & tapenade duo +2€
Sea Fruit Salad+4€
Pastilla with foie gras +6€

Main Dishes :

Lamb ou Chicken ou FIsh ou Vegetarian

Tajine of the sea
Lotte or Seafood or Fish or Sardine Chermoula
Tajine of the earth
Lamb: Almonds & Prunes or Dried Onions & Raisins
Chicken: Potatoes, Olive & Candied Lemon or Dried Onions & Raisins
Seasonal vegetables

Pigeon or Seafood or Vegetarian

Eastern Bourride
Fish soup, fish fillet & amp; Potatoes

Seffa Medfouna
Sweet salty steamed vermicelli, chicken, almonds & cinnamon

Parmentier of vegetables
Monkfish skewers & Vegetable tagliatelle
Ravioli with spider crab
Roasted lamb with spices
Lacquered duck – Sweet potato puree with ginger +3€
Asian beef fillet in tataki style +5€
Sea-sea of prawns & amp; his pan-fried foie gras +7€

Desserts :

Oranges with cinnamon and chocolate ganache
Declination of market fruit and fruity chantilly
Carrot & orange salad with caramel spun
Moroccan pastries with grout of the day
Crispy pastilla with almond milk
Crunchy toasted almonds & salted butter caramel
Citrus soup
loukoum / candied pineapple & ginger
orange blossom cream custard, pistachios & honey syrup
apple and cinnamon crispy rolls
Tout chocolat +2€

If the Culinary Arts are particularly developed in the Moroccan tradition we can discover very few aspects in the Moroccan tourist restaurants.
The MALAÏKA Riad & Table d’Hôtes invites you to discover the true flavors and flavors of Moroccan cuisine that is authentic and family, as well as the fusion of several international culinary cultures that will surprise you with its presentation staged in your plate .

MENUS Vegetarian 17€ / Chicken18€ / Lamb 19€ / Fish 21€ / Pastilla 21€

This is the main course that determines if the menu is:
Vegetarian, Chicken, Meat Fish, Pastilla